“Nourish to Flourish” is the motto of our college.
We nourish the girls both mentally and physically by involving them in all activities to flourish in life.


True to its name Immaculate which means ‘purity’, Immaculate College of Arts & Science is an institution with a social concern and virtue, which will address the problem of humanity through teaching and guiding the students.

The students and faculty of Immaculate college of Arts & Science will be imbibed with spiritual discernment and zeal to serve humanity and to eventually become leaders of the society.


To raise undergraduate, postgraduate students to high levels of academic excellence, professional competence and spiritual enrichment to serve humanity with compassion and exemplary values.

To flourish the society we focus the marginalized women into the professionally best resource persons and the ordinary women into the extra ordinary society builders. Thus our mission is highly provoked to promote academic excellence, widen intellectual horizons; inculcate self – discipline and high ideals for the holistic development of the individual.

The Emblem

“The feminine hand holding the glowing lamp over the globe with heart full of selfless love” is the emblem of Immaculate College for Women, Viriyur. The illuminated lamp represents the light of knowledge nourished, to be flourished with heart full of service and love.