Academic Activities

The academic activities usually begin every year in the month of June as per the guidelines of the Director of Higher education with the blessings of God and Immaculate Heart of Mother Mary, the patroness of the college.

Annual Academic Planning

Since the girls are from rural and illiterate families, during the course of regular classes, weekly tests are conducted in every subject handled by the respective faculty members to test the progress of the students. In the month of August for odd semester and January for even semester first assessment exams and in the month of September for odd semester and February for even semester second assessment exams and model exams are conducted in the month of October for odd semester and March for even semester as per the university pattern and norms in the entire syllabus for the internal marks purpose. University semester examinations are conducted in the month of November and December for odd semester and April and May for even semester.


Since the college has seven departments such as the departments of English, Mathematics, Computer Science, Computer Application, Physics, Chemistry and Commerce, Each department inaugurates their department association in the beginning of the academic year respectively. Along with that Tamil association is also inaugurated in the beginning of every academic year. All the associations are excellent in performing the academic activities in the college for the welfare and intellectual growth of all students.

Seminars, Conferences and Workshops

The college conducts seminars, conferences and workshops in each semester for the benefit of the students and for the enrichment of the faculty members. The faculty members and students eagerly attend the seminars, conferences and workshops conducted by other colleges. The details are given in the activities of the departments.

Scholarships from the Government

In every academic year, scholarship is received from the government for SC / ST and Minority students including hostel students. This scholarship amount is utilized by the students to fulfill the need of tuition fee and hostel fee. Nearly about 252 SC / ST Students receive a sum of Rs. 26, 00,000/- and about 154 minority students receive a sum of Rs. 10, 22,000 /- every year.

Concession and Free Education to the Deserving Students by the Institution

The concession is recommended and given to the students who are orphan, semi-orphan economically very pauper and especially the students who are excellent in studies with the zeal of improving herself and for the welfare of others. In the total tuition fee of the college, 5% is being spent for the concession and free education to more than 25 students who are studying in the college and who had been to different colleges from Immaculate College for Women, Viriyur.