General Instructions:

  1. Students must be in regular and punctual in coming to the college and to the classes and other academic exercises.
  2. Every student must get 80% attendance to attend the semester examination in each semester.
  3. Attendance is compulsory in all the activities of the village adoption program.
  4. Students should join in NSS, Environment club, AICUF, YRC, RRC, Rotaract, etc.,
  5. Students must follow neat dress code. Prohibit of wearing expensive and exaggerated fashion dress.
  6. Wearing T-Shirt is strictly forbidden.
  7. Students must maintain a sense of decorum and discipline inside and outside of the campus.
  8. Ragging and consumption of drugs inside the campus leads to dismissal from the college.
  9. Students must wear ID cards as long as they are inside the campus
  10. Using of mobile phones in the class rooms, library, exam halls, and college buses leads to confiscation.